VIDEO: EXTENDING EXHIBITION SPACES. Looking at similarities and possibilities!

So you may remember that I was On the Road for a few weeks in late 2016, following-up on research, networking and gathering ideas. One great contact was Pamela Forde, Archivist at the Royal College of Physicians in London, UK, who agreed to be videotaped talking about their collection, conservation, collaboration with museum colleagues, and exhibitions within their multi-use space.

So it’s this last point that’s in focus today.


The UWI Regional Headquarters building where the UWI Museum is located, is similarly a multi-use space, hosting conferences and other events for a range of entities, though with an academic weighting. The history

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and development of the UWI is the museum’s focus, but elements of this history as well as other subjects relevant to the UWI’s mission, permeate other spaces: some semi-permanently, like the portraits in the Foyer of the UWI Council chamber; some temporarily as in the lobby areas.

How does another, and far older institution deal with exhibition within its multi-faceted spaces? Pamela gave me a tour:

Suzanne Francis-Brown, Curator, UWI Museum

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