3-D technologies were the order of the day when the UWI Museum hosted facilitators from the University of St Andrews in Scotland who were in the Caribbean conducting workshops under a project aimed at community museums in Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean. The project is titled EULAC Museums and the University of the West Indies is one of several partners.

The aim was to expose persons interested in museum exhibition for community development, to a range of technologies: 3-D scanning, photogrammetry, and spherical photography. The point was that some of these techniques can accomplish good results with quite common, relatively inexpensive tools, such as smart phones and tablets; and the application of relevant open source software.

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The UWI Museum partnered with the Institute of Jamaica, which enabled the making of 3-D models of several artifacts at the National Museum Jamaica as well as the UWI Museum, where the first workshop was held with participants from various departments of the UWI, Mona Geoinformatix, the Edna Manley College, as well as the NMJ, the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum of Jamaica.

We also travelled, with NMJ and the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica (ACIJ) to Charles Town Maroon Museum for a second workshop in a rural setting.

The EULAC Museums project is on-going and will continue to involve the UWI.

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