Our Vision

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Museum is a space for the university to recall its heritage and affirm its continuing relevance to the Caribbean region and beyond.

Our aim is to engage with the university’s widespread audiences and to enhance learning within and without. To do this, we will collaborate with stakeholders within the university, with alumni and with the broader community.

As a project of the Vice Chancellery, the museum will seek funding to underwrite:

— infrastructural development;

— a digital  environment to engage audiences;

— an exhibition schedule and series.

Floor Plan

Vital Stats - Our Vision

The space will eventually incorporate a permanent exhibit on the history and development of the UWI; an area for changing displays on issues relating to the Caribbean region; a screening area for scheduled showing of relevant films and other audio-visual material; and a small marketing space where visitors can purchase items related to the exhibitions.

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