Emancipation Day Matters Series

‘Emancipation Day Matters?’ is a three-part series that explores the contested legacy of Emancipation in the Caribbean. Emancipation is a significant social, economic, cultural and political event in the evolution of Caribbean society, however, historical and contemporary discussions about Emancipation Day show tensions around memories of slavery, modernization and the future of Caribbean society in the 21st century. These panels focus on the historical, social and material significance of Emancipation Day, how it is memorialized and its centrality to the construction of national identity and material culture throughout the Caribbean. As a public history discussion, ‘Emancipation Day Matters?’ explores similarities and differences in how Emancipation Day is memorialized and is a great resource for history and museum enthusiasts, teachers and students.

Panel One, Emancipation Day Matters? Materiality and Cultural Contestation in Jamaica was held on August 2, 2021, in partnership with the Centre for Reparation Research. Our speakers explored the contested history of Emancipation Day in Jamaica with reference to how it is expressed through cultural celebrations and its continued relevance to Jamaican identity.

Panel Two titled Emancipation Day Matters? Materiality and Cultural Contestation in the English Speaking Caribbean will be held tomorrow, October 22, 2021, at 1 pm (JA)/ 2 pm (EST) via the UWI Museum Facebook Page – https://fb.me/e/1PmfA8ZER.

Panel three, Emanicpation Day Matters? Materiality and Cultural Contestation in the Dutch, Spanish and French Caribbean will be held in February 2022.

View Panel One below:

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