Now Showing: Enigma of Arrival


DSC_0549.JPGOn Friday, February 7, 2020, UWI Museum opened the exhibition Enigma of Arrival: The Politics and Poetics of Caribbean Migration to Britain. The exhibition, a product of a EU-LAC Museums Project of which the UWI is a consortium member, explores the experiences of Caribbean migrants to the United Kingdom and is accompanied by a virtual museum through which persons can upload their family’s migration story.

Dr. Hilary Robertson-Hickling

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Hilary Robertson-Hickling, who has written extensively on the mental health of Caribbean migrants in the UK, provided an insightful address that brought attention to the current and continued deportation of Jamaicans from the United Kingdom. Her talk brought to mind Linton Kwesi Johnson’s dub ‘Inglan is a bitch’ and the sense of alienism referenced in the exhibition.


(From L – R) Dr. Roper (Curator), Mrs. Riley (University Archivist) and Mrs. Andre (Programme Officer with responsibility for culture, EU) cut the ribbon heralding the opening of the exhibition to our audience.


Do you have a story to share about your family’s experience with migration? Visit UWI Museum, Enigma of Arrival is open until May 1, 2020.

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