Talking Archaeology, Heritage, Conservation, Material Culture

Archaeology, Heritage, Conservation, Material Culture: these are areas near and dear to the hearts of museums and other repositories; and they are the areas from which topics are being drawn for the 16th Archaeological Society of Jamaica Symposium on March 15.

Panel titles include: Through a Lens Darkly; Conservation in Principle and Practice; Pre-Columbian Jamaica – Current Research; Delving Into Historical Sites; Jamaican Heritage – Out of Many, One; Analyzing the 1907 Earthquake, 111 Years Later; and Urban Stories. Within them, archaeologists, anthropologists and architects as well as historians, conservators, curators will share knowledge and experience, over the course of one day. The programme is available by emailing <>. The UWI Museum Curator who (full disclosure) is current President of the Society, is presenting on the UWI’s 2006-2007 erection of obelisks to memorialize the enslaved populations of the Mona and Papine estates as they stood on the verge of the abolition of slavery. The University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona campus in Jamaica overlays the core of these two estates.

The presentations, at the UWI Mona Campus Science & Engineering Branch Library’s 3rd Floor conference room, will be accompanied by posters on a range of archaeological, historical and interpretive topics.


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