The Blackspace & Jamaica’s 60 Years of Freedom

“60 Years of Freedom?”

60 years of freedom,

60 years hard won,

60 years of work, with plenty to be done.

Down went the Union Jack, now the black, green and gold glows proudly in the sun.

60 years of freedom,

60 years hard won,

60 years of reflection on the work still to be done.

Independence we have won but the work has just begun,

Emancipate the youths so that slavery will not live on.

60 years of freedom,

60 years hard won,

60 years too long to not have enlightened Mama Africa’s daughters and sons.

Rise Jamaica rise, there is more victory to be won,

Rise my people, rise, the work is not done.


This poem was inspired by “Nana” Erna Brodber, who ARGUES that we are still on the path to enlightenment. What does it mean to be a free independent nation? Are we free as a people? Are WE free as a nation?

As we celebrate independence, we URGE you to consider the words of Dr Brodber and think of the ways we can complete the process of Emancipation SO AS TO TRULY DEVELOP as an independent nation.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Brodber on Blackspace and Emancipation. The interview was conducted as part of the Emancipation Day Matters programme. The complete series is available on our YouTube channel.

Happy Independence from the UWI Museum team.


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