The Republic of Barbados – Sovereignty in Totality

Astounding, wouldn’t you say?
The little island of Barbados has claimed sovereignty in totality!
Fifty-five years ago, on a day like today, November 30, Barbados ceased National independence, en route to full autonomy.

Some said it made no sense,
But the people were happy to be rid of the title – British colony!
With joy and great pride, they sang
“…We loyal sons and daughters all
Do hereby make it known
These fields and hills beyond recall
Are now our very own…”[1]

And with that, they claimed their own.
Leaving behind the chains of slavery,
Relinquishing British rule,
Severing the ties of the British monarchy,
In exchange for self-rule.

A mighty nation they are,
Though small their island may be.
With connections near and far,
They extend beyond the Caribbean sea.

Proud representatives of the Caribbean,
A model of prosperity.
Stand proud, stand great Barbados.
Stand firm, fi all a wi [Stand firm, for us all!].


The UWI Museum team salutes Barbados on its transition to a Republic. Happy Independence Day!!!

[1] National Anthem of Barbados

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