Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: Is Gib. Hall Haunted?

Have you ever seen a duppy [ghost]?

For Jamaicans, it is believed that a duppy will frequently visit their home or the location at which they passed. As a former slave estate and refugee camp, some residents of the Mona Campus consider the site haunted.

There are no known urban legends about duppy on Mona campus but not easily dismissed sounds and sightings have resulted in speculations about duppies occupying, alongside students, some of the older buildings on campus. Consequently, it is not astonishing to find an article in the 1955 – 58 Pelican about Gibraltar Hall of residence being haunted. Comprised of extracts from a report by Duke Pollard, the article details abnormal occurrences at the Gibraltar Hall of residence. The report is quite interesting and it forces one to consider the truth behind the supposition that the Mona Campus is haunted.

If you or anyone you know can give an account of a similar experience on one of the UWI Campuses please share by sending us an email or comment down below.

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