Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: Consideration of Dress/A Reply

Central to this post is Cliff Lashley’s well detailed criticism of undergraduate females’ dress in 1957. However, his article received a scathing response from a female Irvinite. Many U(C)WI alumni who have participated in the UWI Museum Oral History Legacy Project recall that the red academic gown had many functions, including concealing inappropriate clothing when they had to attend formal dinner, lectures and other public gatherings. Both men and women participated in this practice, especially when they were running late. The discussions surrounding poor grooming among early U(C)WI students are often accompanied by stories of the stresses of University life. While aesthetics was important, the academic work was priority.

Click the link for “Consideration of Dress – A Reply”

What is your take on undergraduates dress, then and now? Leave your response in the comments section.

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