Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: A Letter From Priscilla

“Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane”, let us journey through time to the University College of the West Indies in 1956. Wouldn’t you like to know what campus life was like back then? Thanks to Priscilla, we are given a sneak peek through a letter she wrote to Mattie in the Pelican. Vivaciously, she informs Mattie of the entertainment scene on campus and the various activities young intellectuals engaged in to relieve themselves of the academic tensions of University life. This passionate and detailed description stirs the imagination with such vigour that one is immediately transported to the time and space – visualizing the acts, smelling the air and feeling the rhythm. I assure you, it is a journey worth taking. So come, mek wi go down memory lane.

We invite you to participate in this series by sharing your own memories and recollections of student life during your tenure at the University of the West Indies (from any campus). This can be done in a two minutes (or less) video, audio or written submission to the UWI Museum at

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