‘ORIGINS’ is our resting pose. It’s the place we return to between feature exhibitions – in part to refresh as we prepare the next exploration; in part to remember our base; and in part to fold fresh elements from our varied exhibitions into the UWI story.

In this iteration, our drawing together of threads related to the Origins of the regional University of the West Indies (UWI) includes elements from our recent exploration of UWI Student Protest in the context of the half-century mark since the 1968 ‘Rodney Riot’ in Jamaica; an event sparked by a student protest over a ban on UWI lecturer Walter Rodney. In its wake, police and soldiers ringed the founding Mona campus until the students agreed to return to classes; and students protested from UWI campuses in Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago, as did young West Indians in Canada and the UK.

Another special feature of this Origins exhibition is that it includes displays on UWI’s plantation connections, and on its roots in the World War II camp, Gibraltar Camp.

And, alongside the Origins Exhibition is a cameo exhibition of Caribbean art in the museum’s care.

Come and visit!


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