A/V: Sir Alister McIntyre

Even as the University of the West Indies (UWI), the Caribbean region and beyond join with the family of Sir Alister McIntyre to celebrate his life and legacy, we found an informal interview done with him at the UWI Museum. It was 2013 and he was visiting an exhibition titled ‘Cave Hill @ 50‘ when we took the opportunity to ask him about his own early Cave Hill experience. He was one of the many lecturers who had regularly dropped in from other campuses to lend their expertise to what was then still a College of Arts & Science. At the time, he was Chair in the Department of Social Sciences at the still new St Augustine campus in Trinidad & Tobago.

An economist and Caribbean regionalist, Sir Alister McIntyre (1923-2019) was Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI) from 1988-1998.

(It’s not the greatest quality video but we still love it and we’re happy to share it with you!)



  1. A delightful brief video, with our regionalist in chief highlighting the regional aspects of our UWI in earlier times.
    Walk good, Sir Alister.


  2. I so appreciated this tribute to my dear Sir Alister. I have taken the liberty to sharing it widely Marlene Hamilton

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