A/V: UCWI Elder – Journeying Still!

Barbadian attorney Vernon Smith has worked as a teacher, aspiring writer, solicitor and diplomat; in Barbados, Jamaica, the UK, Biafra and several parts of Europe. He’s also a proud graduate of the University College of the West Indies (UCWI) where he matriculated in the very first class of ‘Arts’ (now ‘Humanities’ students in 1950. In those days, the classics scholar from the Eastern Caribbean was known to his classmates as ‘Sleepy’ Smith, and he was known for quoting Latin and Greek verse at them!

We were happy to meet him on a visit to the UWI Museum, when he agreed to share part of his story. Listen in:

The UWI Museum collects histories as well as artifacts of the UWI and the Caribbean region that it serves. These histories help to reflect the contribution that the regional university has made to the Caribbean development.


  1. I enjoyed this! Bobby (Moore) had good memories of ‘Sleepy Smith’ and I think we met at a UWI reunion.

    Barbara MacDonald Moore

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    • Thanks Barbara – so many stories! There must be a way to use them as part of indicating UWI’s contribution to regional development (and beyond)! 🙂


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