UWI 70 Highlight: UWI TIMELINE

One of our points of pride for 2018 is completion of a Timeline of the University of the West Indies. (Of course, ‘completion’ is a strong word for a Timeline, but you get what we mean!) You can check out highlights of the regional university’s development by clicking this link:


When you’re there, you can move forward and back along a chronological line tracing highlights in the university’s development over the past 70 years since the first students signed on in 1948 – indeed, a little before, as far back as the point where decisions were taken to found the then University College of the West Indies (UCWI). This is, as we recognise, a work in progress. Going forward, we’d love to encourage the faculties, in particular, to consider what are their own highlights? What are the research outputs and the intellectual insights where the UWI has engaged at a global level, with broad impact? For instance, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Prof Tomlin Paul, has noted celebrated the recent closure of a ward used for malnourished patients, due to low levels of need, as the climax of decades of leading-edge research and development at the UWI, on malnourishment and its impacts.

If you have such examples, we’re happy to hear them also.


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