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The UWI Museum has, for a while, been working to develop a Timeline of developments since inception of the University College of the West Indies (UCWI) – which took its first students in 1948 and graduated to full independence as the University of the West Indies (UWI) in 1962. You can see where we’ve reached by clicking or entering the url: <uwi.edu/Timeline> and we’ll welcome your feedback, even as we continue to make a few adjustments of our own. Send any feedback to <uwi.museum@uwimona.edu.jm>

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At a ‘First Look’ on May 18, Museum Curator Suzanne Francis-Brown got kudos as well as practical feedback from a group of invitees headed by UWI Registrar Will Iton and retired Pro Vice-Chancellor Marlene Hamilton. Mr Iton noted: “This is an important part of what we are doing in our 70th year – documenting our evolution.”

Dr Francis-Brown explained the genesis of the project as part of the museum’s practical work of researching, interpreting and communicating the UWI’s history; which has included the on-going noting of significant dates, developments and anniversaries. A rough list, augmented through interrogation of several senior UWI officials and retirees, was developed into initial timeline format by UWI History Department graduate student Yasheka Walters, during a Practicum assignment at the UWI Museum in 2017; after which UWI Webmaster Derval Dally and his team assisted in bringing it into an online presentation format.

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  1. Good work, Suzanne and Team. Remember Will’s comment that on your cover page you should reflect the regional university, in addition to the four campuses Best Marlene


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