Video: 2017 IN REVIEW

Take a look! We’ve crammed some of the hundreds of photos of visitors and events and donations this year into a minute-and-a-half gallop through the past year at the UWI Museum. You may even see yourself if you paid us a visit!

Season’s Greetings and best wishes for 2018. We already have some plans in place for the new year:

January: We’ll be continuing our exhibition of the work of Jamaican poster artist Michael ‘Freestylee’ Thompson. ‘Freestylee Roots’ is well worth seeing. Michael first came to our attention when he created three posters for the Museum in 2013.

February: We’re planning to put up a small poster celebration of the latest museum in the USA’s Smithsonian system – the National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC). Seems an appropriate acknowledgement of Black History Month celebrations.

October:Confrontations: UWI Student Protests & The Rodney Disturbance of 1968‘, an exhibition and conference in collaboration with the UWI Mona Department of History and Archaeology, is both a continuation of our occasional ‘UWI & The 1960s’ series and a part of the UWI 70 celebrations.

There will be much more as we continue to seek to enrich the oral history of the UWI and much more. Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for the news and update

    It may be appropriate to send some items from Bobby Moore’s writings for the October Activities around his student, Walter Rodney.

    I will see what I can pull together.

    Cheers, Barbara MacDonald Moore

    Sent from my iPhone


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    • Hi Barbara. That would be very helpful — the earlier the better as we are already working to pull layers of relevant material together. You can use the email: I can also send you the Call For Papers (CPF) for the conference, which you could share as relevant.

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