A-V: Saving the Film

A 1953 promotional film on the University College of the West Indies (UCWI) plays in the UWI Museum, but the story of how we come to have the film at all is also worth noting. We’ve put that story right beside the film so you can see – and we’re also sharing it here.

It’s saying that recording events for the future is only one step. How we maintain accessibility to that material is also important – whether the material is in the library, the archive, the recording studio, the home or elsewhere.

You might want to bear in mind that audio-visual material that you recorded on one format, years or decades ago, might become unplayable due to deterioration of the medium but also because you may eventually lack access to a working machine that can play it. Digitization and saving to a drive, but also reviewing from time to time, may help save your memories: personal and public; individual and national or global. A symposium held by the UWI Archive in November 2015 focused on saving our music and other audio and audio-visual archives: https://uwimuseum.wordpress.com/2015/11/26/saving-image-sound/

Still most relevant!



  1. Fascinating! But is it possible to slow the clip down (especially the more lengthy pages) so that we have a chance to read the entire script?


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