UWISTAT In The House

Have you come across the UWI STAT?
These are students of the University of the West Indies who pledge to support the UWI’s mission while they’re students at Mona, Cave Hill, the Open Campus or St Augustine, and also when they leave the university as alumni. In particular they serve as an ambassador corps for the UWI’s Vice-Chancellor. So the acronym stands for UWI Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, hence UWI STAT. They’re a very motivated group and knowing about the university, its history and purpose is very germane to what they do. So each time there’s a new intake, they come to visit the museum – for the first, but often not the last time.

Here’s a slideshow of the latest intake of potential UWI STAT members, termed Ambassadors Designate, shepherded by existing UWI STAT members and officers. They’re checking out a number of the artifacts that relate especially to the university’s early years.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve also partnered with UWI STAT on a couple of occasions, and we’re presently working on a joint project that we hope will increase the engagement between new and veteran alumni, as part of our ongoing effort to harvest memories.


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