Speak ‘Carnival’ and Caribbean people think of the annual pre-Lenten bacchanal for which Trinidad & Tobago is widely known; though Carnival has homes all across the region.

This brief clip is from an interview that Curator Suzanne Francis-Brown did in January 2016 with UWI Emeritus Professor Sir Woodville Marshall. The interview was part of an on-going effort to mine the memories of University of the West Indies alumni, especially from the early years of the university’s existence. The hope is to enhance the social history of the institution, to animate dry texts, to fill gaps and to illuminate poorly lit spaces and periods. Prof Marshall also talked about other aspects of his undergraduate years at Mona, at the then University College of the West Indies, as well as when he returned as a young lecturer.

Please click to start the recording.

Please get in touch at <> if you have memories/information to share on the UWI — especially on any aspect of UWI Carnival at any of the campuses, and if you can shed any light on any aspect of the life at the UCWI/UWI, with an initial focus on the early decades.


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