Students Collaborate

This past semester, the UWI Museum had an interesting collaboration with a group from the university’s media & communications institute, CARIMAC, when we briefly acted as client for Online Marketing students.

The outputs included a pilot series of Did You Know spots about some of the museum’s artifacts and other elements of university heritage, and a pilot promotional snippet featuring the Registrar of the UWI’s Open Campus, Karen Ford-Warner. The students also worked on a brief audio-visual introduction to the museum, aimed at their UWI student counterparts. And elements of some of our blog posts were re-purposed for other social media, with a focus on encouraging engagement with existing and potential stakeholders online.

The plan is to use some of the new material as part of an on-going effort to expand our presence and engage with audiences; while also continuing to explore opportunities that are in tune with the teaching and learning aspects of the UWI’s Strategic Plan.

Here are a few images of the students at work in the UWI Museum.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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