Jamaican poet Lorna Goodison named one of her collections, Turn Thanks…and the name swam up in thinking of the three years that have elapsed since the Museum opened, along with the UWI’s Regional Headquarters Building, on June 27, 2012. So we’re turning thanks to Vice-Chancellor Emeritus Prof Nigel Harris who made space for the museum and encouraged its development; to the many members of the university, staff, students and retirees, past and present, who have¬†contributed interest, wonder, help, resources, artifacts, knowledge… and the persons in the wider national frame who have lent or given of their time and goods. We thank all those who have visited and encouraged others to visit. We give thanks to those within the university who have embraced opportunities for shared events or complementary events. We recognise those others who work in various ways to discover, conserve and pass along the rich heritage out of which the present UWI has come. And we offer a special word of thanks to the small group of people who have done stints as student assistants, interns and volunteers; and to those who have facilitated such input. (Some, not all, are pictured below). Three years is short. If you flick back through our blog archive, you can get a pretty good sense of what we’ve done with the time. We turn thanks and we look forward to much more.

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