Innovation, research and education are the themes under consideration as the Museums Association of the Caribbean considers the future of Caribbean museums from November 16-20 in Kingston, Jamaica.

The UWI’s Geology Museum and the UWI Museum, both located on the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies, are co-hosts of the event, which last year met in Belize and the previous year in Trinidad & Tobago.

MAC defines itself regionally while recognising the unique aspects of the participating national entities, recognising the overarching commonalities. As MAC President Sherilyne Jones has said, MAC members “share an indigenous heritage, colonial history and cultural traditions…”

The organisation was set up in 1987 so that museums and related organisations and societies in the Caribbean could share their experiences and find common platforms for enhancing as well as sharing  their skills.

Presentations during the MAC conference will include presentations on tangible and intangible heritage resources under the theme of Collections Research; presentations on financing of museums as well as the development of virtual spaces under the theme of Innovation; presentations on community access and museum relevance under Museums & their Communities; and presentations on youth programmes and broader visitor participation under the theme of Museum Education and Support.

Field trips to local museums, and a post-conference workshop on Interpretive Planning, offered by Canada’s Lord Cultural Resources, will round off the programme.

Link to the conference page:!home/mainPage



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