HAPPY 2014

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Museum is happy to be in touch with our followers and visitors here at the start of 2014. We’re planning a year when we widen the scope of our semi-permanent exhibition on UWI’s Origins while still stretching our field of vision to include cameo exhibitions on topics that touch the university’s relationship to the region it serves. The UWI spreads the light of learning across the Caribbean region; its 17 member countries stretching north to include Bermuda . Appropriately, the university’s motto is Oriens ex Occidente Lux…Latin for A Light Shining from the West!

This year, we already have student researchers eagerly working on the roots of the university’s halls of residence, and the Guild of Students. And we are beginning to look at ways to gather information, oral testimony and artifacts relating to instances of student activism: sometimes contained on university campuses; at other times significantly affecting national and even regional agendas –and often involving persons who went on to senior positions across the Caribbean.

If you’re not already doing so, follow us so you’re sure not to miss any instalment of our story. And if you have suggestions or you know something or someone we should know, please send in your feedback. And when you’re near, come and visit!

Curator Dr. Suzanne Francis Brown at the entrance of the Museum
Curator Dr. Suzanne Francis Brown at the entrance of the Museum

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