Our Top 3 Photo Ops

A museum visit might sound like serious business, but gaining some insights into the past can be accompanied by some very present considerations: like where to take that signature photo. Here at the UWI Museum, we’ve identified three photo opportunities favoured by our visitors during the past year or so:

  • Staring down or loving up Sir Philip!

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Sir Philip Sherlock (1902-2000) continues to be a UWI icon – one of two West Indian founding fathers and, the holder, over time, of just about every senior position at the university. The bust of Sir Philip was the work of Jamaican artist Carl Abrahams sometime in the early 1980s, according to Grenadian sculptor Fitz Harrack who helped Abrahams with the piece. Harrack, who willingly restored the piece that had been damaged over the years, died early 2013.

  • Posing as Chancellor!

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On official occasions, the UWI Chancellor wears a rich satin damask robe with gold plate lace and ornaments. The original robe, only recently retired, was first worn by Princess Alice of Athlone in 1950, and subsequently by all other Chancellors.

  • Locating themselves!

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The back wall of the UWI Museum is home to a striking mural – a large scale reproduction of an early 18th century map of the Caribbean region by Dutch geographer Herman Moll, from the collection of the UWI Mona Campus’s West Indies Collection. Its presence reflects the museum’s regional focus. For visitors, it is a favourite place to pose – often with one hand pointing to a point of origin in another part of the region, and another pointing to the museum’s location in Kingston, Jamaica.

We think the key is that they provide an opportunity for interactivity, even in a relatively formal setting. We look forward to many more such photo ops in 2014!

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