COMING SOON: ‘Our child and father to be…’

N.W. Manley is a Jamaican National Hero who once described the University (College) of the West Indies as ‘our child and father to be’. The year was 1950; the university’s first Chancellor had just been installed; and Manley was one of Jamaica’s and the Caribbean region’s best known politicians and a staunch fighter for self government.

Some 63 years later, the university college that became an independent regional university in 1962, has generated most of the Caribbean region’s leaders in many spheres. Manley, who died in 1969, might well feel that his prediction was vindicated.

The UWI Museum has acquired a plaster bust of NW Manley by premier Jamaican sculptor Alvin Marriott, that will be the centre of a cameo exhibition from June 18.

The Reggae Poster exhibition featuring an exploration of global reggae by graphic artist Michael ‘Freestylee’ Thompson, will end on Friday June 14. The posters were used in a recent book on ‘Global Reggae’ edited by UWI Professor of Literary & Cultural Studies Carolyn Cooper and published by the UWI Press.


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