The multi-faceted collections at the University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine campus in Trinidad & Tobago have been brought into virtual connection.  A website now links pages relating to the collections of the campus anatomy, zoology and pathology museums, archaeology centre and Eric Williams Memorial Collection in the Main Library, as well as the National Herbarium of Trinidad & Tobago.

St Augustine sees this as a first step towards developing a physical campus museum dedicated primarily to the history of the campus and its predecessor, the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture.

St Augustine Deputy Principal Prof. Rhoda Reddock recently launched the site, which is at Other key participants included Dr Glenroy Taitt, Chair of the Campus Museum Committee and Mr Mike Rutherford, head of the Zoology Museum at St Augustine.

St Augustine is one of the four campuses of the UWI, which is spread across the West Indian/Caribbean region.

Caribbean map showing UWI countries and campuses.
Caribbean map showing UWI countries and campuses.   (Map courtesy of UWI Marketing & Communications Office)

Bringing greetings via skype from the UWI Museum at the university’s Regional Headquarters in Jamaica, Dr Suzanne Francis-Brown commended the initiative which enables a single point of access to the St Augustine collections. She noted the importance of such initiatives at the campus level as well as the level of the UWI as a whole.

Dr Francis-Brown, who is curator of the UWI Museum, noted that the museum’s mandate is to explore the history and development of the UWI as a whole, and the connection between the institution and the region it serves. In this regards, she recognised the importance of the physical location at the university’s founding Mona campus in Jamaica, but also its limitations. And she said that it is hoped to explore possibilities for realising the regional mandate through the online as well as a physical environment.

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