Check this post on the late Professor the Hon. Rex Nettleford, Vice Chancellor of UWI. This is from our colleagues at the University Archives

Roots of the West Indian Pelican

This is the title of a display of framed photographs, citations and awards from the collection of the late  Professor the Hon. Rex Nettleford, Vice Chancellor of the UWI 1998-2004, which the University Archives and the University Museum have mounted in the corridor of the East Wing of the UWI Regional Headquarters Building.  The items must have been highly prized by Rex Nettleford for they were in his Office of Vice Chancellor Emeritus from which location they were transferred to the University Archives.

The portraits – one of which is a painting –  depicts him in various poses and reflects  various periods of his life.   The citations are from a number of institutions including the University of Technology, the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation and the UWI itself.

The Citation from the UWI was given to him to mark the Commemoration Celebrations and Alumini Week in 2004, a few…

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