Orientation Talk for UWI Department of Library and Information Studies (DLIS)

Reported by Shannon McClure

To know somewhere is to know where it comes from; the University of the West Indies has a long and intricate history that is scarcely known by many of the people who currently make up the university community. The origins of the University of the West Indies, as well as the history of its founding campus at Mona, Jamaica, were the subjects of a lively session during the UWI Department of Library & Information Studies (DLIS) orientation exercise on August 30. Guest speaker was UWI Museum Curator Suzanne Francis-Brown.

She argued for a greater promotion of history as something important, relevant, and exciting — and urged support for and recognition of the need to preserve and conserve our artifacts and material remains as well as our records and texts.

“I submit that failure to conserve is rooted in a lack of context and awareness, purpose and value; something we have to address if we are to have any informational or museological resources”, she said.

Dr Francis-Brown also highlighted some facts about the UWI’s origins. Watch the video below to see a short excerpt of her presentation:

Dr. Francis-Brown’s presentation was well received by some 30 – 40 students and staff of the Department of Library and Information Studies, who were intrigued by several of the facts that were brought to light. It was, all in all, a receptive and amiable vibe for all involved.

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