The UWI Museum is an idea whose time has come…

UWI Museum

Our Focus:

the history and development of the University of the West Indies – the oldest and premier university in the region and the longest existing, truly regional university; and the West Indies region itself.


UWI Regional Headquarters, Mona, Jamaica. 


The idea of a UWI Museum dates back to the first plans drawn for the university – then the University College of the West Indies (UCWI). British architects Norman & Dawbarn included a museum in their early drawings – interestingly, in much the same location, though they saw it as a standalone structure. Through the years, several persons have raised the idea, but without success. But when planning started for the Regional HQ, Vice Chancellor Nigel Harris made provision for a museum, and that space, just off the lobby, now serves that function.

Steps Along the Way:

October 2011 – The walls start going up. All the interior walls are reinforced to allow hanging: essential for an exhibition space.

October 2011 - Construction

April 2012 – A historic map of the West Indies underscores the regional focus of the UWI Museum

Historic Map

May/June 2012 – Designer Sarah Jackson works on the logo and initial signage, as well as the posters for the first exhibition

UWIMuseum Logo

June 7 2012 – The Trinidad & Tobago High Commission joins with UWI to mount an exhibition of 50 years of Trinidadian art: 1962 marked independence for Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and the UWI which became an independent university. It was previously a college of the University of London.

Trinidad and Tobago Art Exhibition

June 27 – Official opening of the Regional HQ. The Museum mounts an exhibition titled: Origins – the Roots & Symbols of the UWI.

Initial Exhibition

A Work in Progress:

Work continues, focusing on structure, administration, collection, exhibition etc.

We’ve been having visitors – including alumni of all ages, and even a group from a summer camp at Mona.

Alumni Visitors

July 2012

While there is much to be done, you are welcome to visit, though we do not yet have a fixed schedule. Generally speaking, visitors can come in between 10 – 2 on weekdays. But call 977.6065 or e-mail just to be sure.

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  1. Suzanne, it’s heartening to see your good work over many years bearing fruit – many congratulations and best wishes for the Museum’s future. Ros and Andrew Smith


  2. Congratulations Suzanne.This is a fine institution in the making and one which, under your guidance, will make such an important contribution to the spirit and ideals of our University. I look forward to sharing this experience with my students. Jenny Jemmott


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